I mean, to say we were obsessed with Sarah and Alex would be an understatement. If they didn’t have to drive back to Atlanta at 4 am the next day after their engagement session we would have kept them with us for another couple of hours; because engagement sessions that feel more like double dates then work are ALWAYS our favorite!!

Sarah’s college roommate went to high school with Alec, and one night a bunch of their mutual friends met up for dinner and drinks at a Mexican restaurant. They hit it off and hung out and talked the whole night — it was love at first queso dip! Alec texted Sarah the next day and asked her on their first date!

Alec and Sarah are so lucky because they found the forever kind of love in their best friend! They have already had so many amazing adventures together but what we enjoyed the most was their dream on the horizon! I mean, three months of dating they had already jumped out of a plane together — you can imagine what is next! – From the Photographers


Photographer: Isaac and Amanda Photography//



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