Marlee and Adam have been together for 3 years they met during the fall of their freshman year at Abilene Christian University. Adam introduced himself to Marlee during a group outing, and they continued to see each other just about every night for a few months as the group began to play spike-ball together. They eventually became an undefeated duo!

When asked about the proposal Marlee said “Oh my goodness what a day!!! I had always told Adam that I wanted to be SHOCKED when he proposed to me and boy oh boy I was so surprised! I left college to go home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. My parents told me that we were throwing a surprise birthday party for my younger sisters 18th birthday at our lake house. I got ready with my sister thinking, “she has no idea!” We drove to the lake house and Adam was standing out back. Initially, I thought, “what is he doing at my sister’s birthday party?” We walked down the stone steps leading down to the lake and there were rose petals and lanterns all down the pathway. As we got down by the lake, he proposed! I was SO surprised! Little did I know that our families and friends were waiting in the house with a surprise engagement party. It was such a sweet night!”

engagement ring

Photographer:  Bobbi Brinkman Photography

Location: East Beach St. Simons Island

Event Design:  Veronica Howard Events and Design



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