Getting married in Georgia? Download & print our free Coastal Georgia Bride Survival Kit & Checklist!

While Coastal Georgia is of course famous for it’s beautiful wedding backdrops and elopement scenery, there are SOME seasonal elements you may want to prepare for. Especially if you are a first timer to one of our summers.


A gorgeous beach or marsh wedding makes for a picturesque coastal wedding. However, it may draw in some uninvited guests… mosquitos and gnats! These pesky things thrive in warm weather. In other words, the warmer the weather the more of them you will see on your big day. Our sand gnats (locally known as “no-see-ums”) DO BITE. If you arrive at your wedding reception or venue and realize it is a little buggy, go ahead and lather on that bug spray so you’re not swatting in all of your wedding photos! To reduce that strong “bug spray” smell, we recommend using the brand NO NATZ.


The main surprise for brides traveling from outside the area is that they did not expect to feel the waves of humidity at their summer beach wedding. If your wedding is in any way outdoors, pack your haircare essentials just in case you need to primp in between the ceremony, photo session, and reception. Even if you don’t end up using it, we think you will agree that it’s better to be safe than have frizzy or un-intentional flat hair on your wedding day.

Don’t let these items scare you from having your dream wedding in Coastal Georgia because it DOES change based on the season. As long as you are prepared and expectant on your big day, you will run into no issue. Whether you’re a native or a visitor, download the Coastal Georgia Wedding day survival kit below for more essentials!

Getting Married in Coastal Georgia Print Bride Wedding Day Survival Checklist Emergency Kit


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