In your own words tell us how you met and how you became engaged!

We met way back in 2015 when we were just wee college freshmen. We both wanted to be computer scientists (which neither of us ended up doing) and we had an everyday class together. We were friends for the first semester, but at the end of it Doster asked Katherine out and we’ve been together ever since. After we graduated, Doster started his chiropractic program in Georgia, and Katherine started a job in Houston. For Christmas in 2019, we went to Colorado for Christmas to see Katherine’s family. Before meeting up with them, we spent a few days in the mountains with some friends. One day we were going to take the dog on a hike, got lost trying to find the trailhead, and ended up walking around a frozen lake. While walking around the lake Doster proposed with a family ring and here we are.



Engagement and wedding ring details!

The engagement ring is a family heirloom passed down from his uncle Jim, having belonged to his late wife that had passed from cancer.


I’m an award winning and internationally published photographer, mother and wife, passionate about life and social causes. I`m obsessed with learning new things, traveling to new places and converting raw emotion into images.

​I believe in capturing love and preserving memories for generations.

My mission is to provide my clients the same great experience I have when I see an image of my children playing or of the passionate look in my husband’s eyes during our wedding.


Location: Arabia Mountain, GA // Photographer: Nathalia Frykman Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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