From The Soon-To-Be Bride

Keifer and I both grew up in Savannah, GA. We actually lived less than ten minutes apart growing up. We went to the same elementary school but separate middle and high schools. In all of that time, we never knew each other. I work at a local elementary school teaching Pre-Kindergarten and his nephew attended the program, but had a different teacher. His sister, Stephanie, and I would often chat when she picked up her children at the school and her sister-in-law, Christy, works with me. Christy asked me several times to meet Keifer, but after just getting out of a long relationship, I wasn’t ready to pursue anything quite yet. After a few months, I finally told Christy that I wouldn’t mind him reaching out, however, I was adamant that the relationship would not go past friendship. Stephanie convinced Keifer to reach out to me as well. He was also hesitant due to his past relationships. He sent me a message on Facebook and we decided to meet to grab a drink that weekend at a local restaurant. We instantly connected, chatting about mutual friends, Savannah, and laughing for hours. By the end of the night, we agreed to go on an actual date in the future. We continued to date and fell in love very quickly. After a year of dating, Keifer asked me to marry him.

The Engagement Details

I lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for about a year. Although I loved the city, my nephew and niece were back in Georgia and I was having a very hard time being away from them. Still, I have gone back to visit multiple times to see old friends, enjoy the beach, and enjoy the eclectic restaurants and nightlife. Keifer knew this was my favorite place to vacation so for my birthday, he reserved an AirBnB close to the beach for us to spend the weekend. His sister and mom sneakily made sure I had my nails done for the weekend. Keifer had hired a photographer in the area to take pictures of us on the beach at sunset that Saturday. While I had an idea of where this may have been leading, my two best friends and Keifer all had me convinced that I was absolutely NOT getting engaged that weekend. I knew I would spend the rest of my life with Keifer regardless, but I will say I was a little bummed that he was not (or so I thought) going to propose! We were on the jetties on the beach when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The first thing I said was, “did you ask my dad!?” He just laughed and said, “yes!” Of course it was an easy “YES” from me.

The Ring Details

My ring is absolutely gorgeous. Keifer purchased it from Harkleroad Diamonds here in Savannah. It is a round solitaire diamond ring in 14K White Gold with a weight of 1.24CT. The diamonds extend halfway around the ring on both sides. It is stunning!


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Location: Savannah, GA // Photographer: JB Marie Photography // Engagement Ring: Harkleroad Diamonds
Submitted on Coastal Georgia Weddings


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