How did you meet?

It used to be a bit of an embarrassing question for Eddie and me. “We both went to college at USC,” was our standard answer. Not untrue, but not actually answering the question either. We met online, you see. And while we are honest about it now, in the beginning of our relationship, we were afraid we’d be met with the sympathetic head tilts of people who didn’t think we would “make it”, due to the stereotypes of dating apps. Lucky for us, we’re a success story!

Our first date was the start of me falling in love with my now fiancé, and… craft beer. We met at a local taproom, and we were both endearingly nervous. But the nerves grew lighter as the conversation flowed and soon enough, 7pm had turned to 11pm, and we were two of a handful of strangers closing down the bar. I remember being disappointed that we had to part ways, but we made plans to see each other soon after, and he sealed that promise with a kiss.

Two and a half years later, we’re planning a late summer trip to Jekyll Island with my best friends Sarah and Giuliana. Sarah, also our photographer, had done shoots there recently and I fell in love with the enchanting beauty of Driftwood Beach. With the topic of marriage making an increased appearance in our everyday conversations, I had my suspicions. However, my friends convinced me that the COVID-19 fiasco had delayed the delivery of the ring, and that it wouldn’t arrive before the trip. This was, in fact, true! The delivery was delayed, but miraculously arrived on time!

Jekyll Island proved to be even more magical in-person. We spent the afternoon at the beach, then came back to our Victorian-style Airbnb to cook dinner together and have a few glasses of wine. Afterward, we took an evening stroll on Driftwood Beach and Sarah worked her camera-magic.

Sarah started posing Eddie and me, giving her delightful instructions that always make me smile and laugh. One of my favorite poses was when Eddie came running up from behind me, grasped me in his arms and started kissing my cheek – so I thought nothing of it when Sarah posed Eddie a few feet behind me for a third time. This time, instead of hearing a cue from Sarah for Eddie to start running, I heard Eddie say my name. I turned around to find him on one knee with an open ring box in his hands.

Will you marry me?

I think I forgot to breathe for several moments. I definitely forgot to say “yes” immediately – instead, I hugged him for what seemed like an eternity, then remembered I had said exactly zero words. My eyes met his and I told him “YES!” emphatically, through the happiest tears of my life.

I remember wanting the world to stop. I remember listening to the waves crest gently, to the wind whispering past my ears. I remember his eyes shining bluer than the ocean. It’s times like these that my life feels like a storybook. I think I’ll bookmark this chapter.

Engagement Ring Details

I was never the girl with the wedding Pinterest boards… but as soon as the word “married” escaped our lips and became a reality, off I went. I knew I wanted a ring that was non-traditional; I had never been a fan of yellow or white gold, nor of any jewelry with too much “bling”. Rose gold, however, felt like it was made for me, and my heart was set.

I loved the idea of a very delicate, vintage-style engagement ring – something with a dainty band and engraved filigree with a centered diamond. The exquisite cuts of Marquise diamonds quickly became my favorite. Luckily after a little (fine, a lot of) exploration, I came upon my dream setting, and hinted to Eddie that it was the one. He dutifully made note, all while concealing a grin at my lack of subtlety.

Eddie will always know more about diamonds than I ever will! I give him all the credit when I’m asked if I helped pick out the ring. “I chose the setting,” I’ll say, “but the diamond? That’s all him!” I remember on several occasions how he’d start rattling on about cut, clarity and color, and I’d just have to look at him, wide-eyed, and say that I was sure whatever he chose would be perfect. The meaning behind the ring was what I truly wanted, after all.

I’ll never forget barely being able to keep my eyes off my ring for days after he proposed. It’s the most precious gift anyone has ever given me and holds the dearest promise anyone has ever made me. Years into our marriage, I know he’ll still catch me staring at it dreamily.

Hey y’all! I’m Sarah- your professional hype girl and wedding photographer rolled into one! My favorite hobbies consist of sitting on my big southern front porch drinking black coffee and breathing in the warm air. I love capturing my new bffs in love and partying with them all day and night. I live for adventures like these where I get to capture the love all around me while laughing and crying behind the lens and basking in your joy.

Location: Jekyll Island, GA // Photographer: Sarah Elizabeth Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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