These are the types of submissions we feature:
– Real weddings
– Editorial/Inspiration shoots
– Engagement & Anniversary shoots (please note these are featured over the weekend spots)
– Lifestyle (this includes travel features, entertaining features, food styling with recipes, home features, studio tours, creative behind the scenes features)
We DO NOT feature any family, maternity or newborn shoots at this time.
We want to make the submission process easy for you so we’ve taken a lot of the hard work out of the process – unless of course your submission is successful – only then will we ask you to put in the hard work and at that point we hope you don’t mind! 
To submit to us, simply fill out the form to the right with a link to the images. Please ensure it is a curated selection of no more than 40 images (for engagements & anniversary shoots no more than 20). We DO NOT want to see full galleries and DO NOT upload full resolution image sizes, 72 dpi is preferred. If your submission is accepted you will receive an acceptance email which will direct you to a link whereby you can then upload the images in the required size and add in all the vendor details and information. We will also provide you with a publication date at the time of accepting.
We do reply to ALL submissions, however due to the high volume we receive it can take us up to 14 days to get back to you but we endeavor to do so as quickly as possible. After the 14 days if you have still not had a response and would like to send it elsewhere, feel free to send us a friendly email and nudge us along. 
There is often up to a 2 month wait for a submission so please bear this timeline in mind when you hit the send button. We priorities members of our VENDOR GUIDE and guarantee shorter wait times. If you are interested in becoming a valued member of the Coastal Georgia Weddings community you can find out more by visiting our become a member page.
If your submission is specifically for the MAGAZINE please state that. For the magazine we are looking for real wedding and styled shoot features. 
– We do prefer to receive submissions from the photographer directly, however if you are not the photographer, please ensure you have permission from them before you send it through. For a real wedding please ensure the couple has also given you permission.
– Please do not submit anything to us if you are still waiting to hear back from another blog/publication.
– We prefer exclusivity but we do make the odd exception. If you feel you have something we would love that has already been featured, please make that clear in the initial submission and provide us with the link to the feature.
– After your feature has been published on Coastal Georgia Weddings you are perfectly welcome to submit elsewhere and of course we want you to get as much exposure as possible for your beautiful work. We simply ask that any other feature is not posted until 2 months after the Coastal Georgia weddings feature.
– If I am unable to post the content you submit or don’t feel that it is suitable, please do not be disheartened. There are many blogs out there that cover all different styles. It may just mean that we are not the best fit for your work at this time or that our calendar is booked up. However we hope you will still consider us for future submissions to share with our readers.
– Please ensure there are no watermarks on your images.
– We do want to ensure we have a story to go alongside our real wedding features so please ensure your couples are happy to share details with us before you submit.
– Wedding videos: we only feature films that are part of a full photo feature. To submit one please ensure the photographer has the video link or embed code to add to the submission. We suggest keeping films to a maximum of 5 minutes. 

We are also a Two Bright Lights publisher.