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We appreciate you thinking of Coastal Georgia weddings for your submissions!

To submit, please send via:

– Email submissions@coastalgeorgiaweddings.com
– Two Bright Lights
– The form on this page

CGW Submission guidelines:
We are always on the look out for beautiful work from within our region (Coastal Georgia & the State of Georgia). Submissions are considered for print magazines, digital pdf guides, online articles or daily blog features.
We celebrate diversity in love and welcome all types of submissions!

The types of submissions we are looking for:
Authentic Real Weddings
Anniversary Shoots
Lifestyle Shoots
Bridal Showers
Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
Engagement Parties
Day after sessions
Styled Shoots

Photo Sizing:
We greatly appreciate seeing full galleries of professional-quality photos. Images need to be hi-res or at a minimum 800 wide (TOP EDGE) in both landscape and portrait frame with all watermarks, logos, and branding removed.

Our favorite methods of photo transfer are:

Photo Sharing:
Dropbox, Pixieset, Pass, Pic-time

also accepted but don’t prefer:

Google Drive, WeTransfer, OneDrive

***If needed, please provide the gallery password and download pin at time of submission****

If you choose to utilize Dropbox, a link to a Dropbox folder labeled with your company name and the name of the couple, product, or work with hi-res photos, an wording from you and/or the couple regarding the day or styled shoot.

Preferred Wording:
We require a minimum of 150 words or 500 characters and welcome additional verbiage from vendors.

Proposal: Behind the scenes from the couple or photographer
Engagement Sessions: Couples proposal story
Bridals: Couples proposal story
Real Weddings: A blurb from the couple about their day
Elopements: A blurb from the couple about their elopement
Styled Shoot: Inspiration and tidbits about the design and how it was incorporated into the shoot
Celebrations: Love story or info about the event
Anniversary & Lifestyle Sessions: Couples love story – piece of advice from the couple.

No matter what type of submission we require the following to be featured:

Submissions cannot be published previously online, in print, or otherwise on one of CGW’s competitors, other magazine and blogs in Georgia. We love what we do and work very hard to feature the new and fresh for our readers.

Approval must be granted by all contributing vendors and clients prior to submission.

Response Time to be Expected:
You should expect to hear from a member of our team by email within 2 weeks of your submission.

Products, Press Releases & Sponsored Posts:
Please send a brief description, with 3-5 images and a link to your website or portfolio to editor@coastalgeorgiaweddings.com.
See our media kit for further information and opportunities.

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